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Explore tons of different items on sale in Saudi Arabia!

Easily sell your items!

Just click the big button on the bottom of the app to list your items for everyone to see.

Intermediary Service

Have the item sent to your home before approving the purchase for a secure and safe transaction.

Browse goods

Explore all listed items freely

With how easy and accessible Storek is, you can find thousands of items that are up for sale. Filter out specific search terms to find exactly what you’re looking for. Explore different types of goods from old to new. Find something you like? Contact the seller in-app or go for the Intermediary Service option for a more secure and guaranteed transaction! More on this below.

Easy listing

The easiest way to sell any item!

Selling an item you own has never been easier! Just tap the Sell button on the bottom of the app and snap a picture of your items. Post an item with different tags such as Location, Category and more. If you’re in a rush to sell an item, promote your item to have it reach a wider audience.

Intermediary Service

Approve or Decline purchase.

With the Intermediary Service option, buyer and seller can have peace of mind concerning the safety of the transaction and condition of goods. When you purchase an item using this, you will have 2 days to decide whether or not you’d like to keep it or decline the purchase after receiving it. For more info click here.

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